Which matters the most: Facebook Page Likes or the Engagement(Talking About This)?

A Facebook Page Administrator strives his best to get the likes on a Brand’s Facebook Page by different means, but is that enough? Getting likes on a Brand’s Facebook page is easier than influencing people to get engaged in a particular page. And for that, the posts and content should have the influential power on the fans to keep a check for the posts from the page and drive the attention of several users present out there on a social networking site, like Facebook.


Apparently, the Page Administrator will want people to like, comment and share the posts.  The engagement, that is the main crux of a page should be present in a page so that the Facebook Page turns out to be an interesting one and one that entertains and share knowledge with thousands of users with loads of expectation! The metric that has been introduced by Facebook “Talking About This” shows people who are engaged on the page that shows the popularity of the Facebook page.

Talking About This” is an important metric because it emphasizes interactions beyond Facebook Likes. Pages, that creates posts and quality content, that fans enjoy, will benefit. When people interact with pages by which stories are generated, pages reach an audience beyond their existing number of fans. When the page and the posts starts appearing in the news feed of non- fans, such users start looking at the post, if it seems to be interesting to them, they also get engaged with such page. This way, the page and the posts get circulated through different users which results in an increase in the number of fans as well as the number of Talking About This, which further results in building the reputation of the page.

Pages that have been focused on gaining Likes without an engagement strategy to follow it will suffer from the great difference between the number of “Likes” and “Talking About This”. Experts say that, out of the existing number of fans, even if 10% of the total fans are engaged and are participating, by liking, commenting and sharing the posts, participating in some discussion, the page is said to be an interesting one. By this, the feature, “Talking About This” is a kind of feedback from the fans to the Page Administrator which shows how effective the posts are or where improvement is required to retain or increase the number of fans as well as the engagement.

If the Page Owner wants to shoot up as best page on Facebook or if they want to turn existing fans into super fans, “Talking About This” is the most critical metric that can keep a track and good to measure the engagement and the popularity of a page, which builds competition within the Page Administrator and encourage him to provide the best as the fans expects.

By: Search Infomedia

search infomedia is a creative team that enhances and lifts up the expectation of its clients with the outstanding creativity possessed by all the team members. Our creative team of experts believe in creating exquisite results, that help a business to be spotlighted across the globe. The efforts that our team put to make a business to get highlighted and maximizing leads for a particular business is remarkable.

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