Google Helpouts: A new way to get help over video

Nothing can be as bad as looking for help that troubles you, or make you anxious  and even leaves your plan imperfect.The problem arises when no perfect solution is found. A perfect guide is really important to get help and clear up the query and make life easier. And nobody else can make life easier as Google can! Helpouts, a new tool launched by Google connects people with experts over live interactive video for paid advice and even free advice as well.


Instant or scheduled help can be chosen from experts, on the new Helpout service that is based on qualifications, availability, price, ratings and reviews of the help providers. A computer or mobile device with a webcam and microphone is required, provided they have a Google+ account. Android app for Helpouts has also been launched by Google for the convenience of people.

As of now, small categories have been added by Helpouts like art and music, computers and electronics, cooking, education and careers, fashion and beauty, fitness and nutrition, health and home and garden. Every Provider is scanned by Google. For a charged sessions, customers will have to set up an account before a paid Helpouts session as all payments will be made through Google Wallet. If the experience doesn’t meet the user’s expectations, full money will be refunded back by Google, as Google is offering a full money-back guarantee.

Users will be able to access a variety of tools such as the ability to take a photo during a Helpouts video session, or to allow the provider to use the user’s computer remotely to help fix a problem or to access Google Drive documents, photos, and presentations.

A flat 20 percent transaction fee is charged by Helpouts  on all paid, non-health Helpouts, which requires credit card fees, the cost of offering the money-back guarantee, advertising and promotion, and the cost of running the Helpouts platform. Currently, there is no transaction fee for providing free Helpouts, but starting from January 1st, paid health Helpouts will also be charged a transaction fee.

Helpouts provider can also set the pricing and have the option of pricing the service on a per minute or per Helpouts session and even give customers a payment option.

By: Search Infomedia


search infomedia is a creative team that enhances and lifts up the expectation of its clients with the outstanding creativity possessed by all the team members. Our creative team of experts believe in creating exquisite results, that help a business to be spotlighted across the globe. The efforts that our team put to make a business to get highlighted and maximizing leads for a particular business is remarkable.

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