A new Google Shopping Experience for shopping freaks

No doubt, Google has always made wonders and has made life easier of millions of internet users, providing information, knowledge, and so on. Now again, Google has come up with the Google shopping, which has updated its shopping experience for its users. At Google Shopping, people can access new product details, and can have a better look at the product that an individual is desiring to buy and it does not matter whether a person is using mobile, laptop, tablet or desktop, Google will make the shopping experience wonderful, whichever device that will be used.


One of the exclusive feature introduced by Google is 360-degree view of a product that a person want to buy, that will help a people get a realistic shopping experience and to know the product a better way. Features such as “Click on a product to preview details” will display information such as sizes, colours, description of the product, usage of the product and so on, not only that, but it will display the nearest local store, where a particular product is available. If an individual find an item, that is almost perfect, but not of his choice or wants a better one, the user can simply click on “View Visually Similar Items” so that the product similar shall be displayed with better features that a shopping freak may like.

The “Shortlist” feature will help users to select the items that the users plans to but and get the best out of selected one. In this, the family and friends may help if the user is found in a dilemma or to make a choice which product best suits u or which better product one shall buy which will also help family and friends to help them shop better too.

Another interesting feature Google introduced is “Top toy searches on Google Shopping”. This feature help kids to find out the top trending toys that others are buy or other kids possess, so that kids can step along with the trend that others are following such as Minecraft Legos, Monster High Sets, Doc McStuffins Playsets and so on.

By  Searchinfomedia


search infomedia is a creative team that enhances and lifts up the expectation of its clients with the outstanding creativity possessed by all the team members. Our creative team of experts believe in creating exquisite results, that help a business to be spotlighted across the globe. The efforts that our team put to make a business to get highlighted and maximizing leads for a particular business is remarkable.

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