Facebook to eliminate Sponsored Stories in April 2014


Facebook has planned to eliminate the Sponsored Stories from the Timeline with effect from April 9, 2014. Sponsored stories are displayed when a Facebook Friend interacts with a Sponsored Page and that particular interaction is displayed within the Timeline of other Facebook friends.


The Sponsored stories will be available to advertisers till April 9, 2014, and the existing Sponsored stories will transform into other ad formats. For instance, the Sponsored Stories which displays Page Like will turn into Page Like Ads.

Facebook will bring the best of Sponsored stories and the ads of the marketers will be displayed where it is eligible and have more possibility of getting more responses to an ad. This will be according to the targets that have been specified by the marketer. The overall targeting has been redefined and will create more flexibility, quality and accuracy in audience creation.

The upcoming ad formats will also have the Advanced Demographic Targeting, in which better coverage of workplace, education and job, relationship status types will be included, so that the ad targets to a specified eligible groups.

Therefore, the upcoming new Ad Formats will have more features and flexibility, which will help a marketer to advertise their brand in a better way as before.

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