Choosing an appropriate Domain Name for a Website

Every website needs a domain name, and it is a brainstorming session when it comes to choosing the right domain name for a website. There are different opinions from different people while choosing the right domain name. There are certain areas which people generally consider before choosing the right domain name.

Some people consider choosing a domain name that is catchy and generic, which helps people to remember it and whatever is easily remembered, will be more likely to be tried out. For example, a business owner who deals in selling of gowns, they may go for a domain name such as which is a generic domain name. Such domain name directly gives the idea of what they may find on the website.

From the SEO point of view, people prefer a domain name that contains a particular keyword that describes the industry. For example, if a person is into the sale of spare parts of the cars, they may choose a domain name such as This helps in improving the visibility of a particular website on the search engines as it has a keyword that pushes the websites in the search engines rank pages.


For the people who are more concerned about the brands, they would like to choose a domain name that that matches with their brand. People who are searching for some products or items, they have certain brand names in mind and enter the domain accordingly. Therefore, it is important to choose a domain name matches with the brand.

Choosing a domain name is a creative process that involves proper solutions for some specific issues. Domain name selection should be done in a better strategic manner that will selecting the best domain name for a business. 


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2 comments on “Choosing an appropriate Domain Name for a Website
  1. Joe Syrowik says:

    I agree it’s beneficial to have keywords in the name to help with SEO. However, I don’t think we should automatically reject names that are brandable. Of course, they shouldn’t be clever just for the sake of being clever.

    But, it’s surprising the number of effective names that can be generated when an individual brainstorms with a well-defined mission statement, target audience, competition and the reputation they want to establish in mind.

    The best solution, I believe, is to create a domain name that has both qualities to it. This means it not only includes a keyword, but also reflects solid branding strategy.

    Thanks again for the info!


  2. You are right Joe. The right way is to have a name that includes both a keyword and a solid brand term.

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