Future human communications – is all about 3D!

Future human communications – is all about 3D!

Innovations are part of human race since the early stone ages. We humans have constantly challenged ourselves and found a new and quicker way to perform our tasks. Technological advancements have turned our dreams into reality. Only a century ago people laughed when someone suggested the idea of fast transportation via trains. But today we know this is a reality and we live with it.

Similarly, we can travel in air and talk to our dear ones who maybe a few thousand miles away from us. The biggest revolution in the history of human beings was communications without wires. This opened doors to other possibilities and gave birth to future industries as well. Let’s dig in and find more about the future megatrends of human communications.

  • Holographic Screen – One such recent innovation called the holographic display is now the talk of communication world. This technology uses a transparent display to show projection in a 2 dimensional (2D) view. People can touch the objects displayed on transparent screen and get response. Started as a project in 2005, these screens are now primarily used for business presentations and shopping. Such screens installed at a shop with list of product provide personalized shopping experience for customers. However, this is still not clear whether this technology will be able to provide a full fledged 3 dimensional (3D) view on a screen.
  • Holographic Display – Over the time holographic screen has been replaced by a non-screen display which just floats in mid-air and which does not require any medium for its projection. There are several prototypes of such displays which claim to be fully 3D, however, we are yet to experience a fully functional 3D holographic display. Such displays are considered to redefine the future of communication. We will be able to held virtual meetings and could see each other’s faces in mid-air, just like a sci-fi old movie. Possibilities are unlimited for this technology and scientists are hopeful that someday this technology will reach to the masses.

Over the years, this technology has constantly changed and has also provided new promising career options. A whole new breed of web developers to design applications and programmers to write instructions/code are needed to work and experiment with it. People who are young and full of new ideas are the best people to work on such projects.

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