The top 6 Factors that Make Websites Slow

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Almost 50% of the websites that exist on the search engines are either slow or fat. There are many reasons that make the websites take time to be loaded for viewing. The factor of unoptimization is the main reason amongst many that causes the slow speed of loading of a website. As the website loading speed is directly associated with the factors like user satisfaction, bounce rates, revenue and conversion rates, it is a must that you follow proper optimization rules to make your website perform fast.

The 6 most common reasons or factors that cause the slow speed of loading for any website are:

1. When contents in a website are served without the HTTP compression, it makes the size of the website large and causes a slow upload time.
2. Using unoptimized images also slows down the speed of the website loading. The website designing company experts use the “lossless method” instead, to optimize the images.
3. Websites having static contents like CSS files, image files, Java Script files make the sites slow.
4. Analytic scripts of a website make it slow to be loaded. However, using the Google Analytics may increase the speed than using other scripts and mechanisms.
5. Using the JavaScript files hamper the speed of a website. Therefore, the Web Development Company and experts use minimizing techniques for JS files.
6. Responding to broken links and forbidden requests also reduces the speed of a website.

This is the very basic factors that can be taken care of to increase a website speed.

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