5 Reasons Why SEO Is Important For Business Management Schools and Colleges?

Today Internet has become an important medium for every business schools or colleges to showcase their courses, infrastructure and level of education. Anything that is shared on Internet gets viral and reaches to millions of internet users within a short span of time. However it is crucial to have the right marketing strategy and experienced marketing team or agency who knows the techniques and strategy of internet marketing.

seo for school education

seo for colleges

Nowadays with the expansion of education industry, every school and college is focusing on their online presence and wish to be the preferred choice for students. For this it is important to select the right internet marketing solutions and a team who can understand the requirement and execute the strategy.

There are many internet marketing solutions which can be helpful like SEO, SMO, SEM, Email Marketing, etc.  Out of all SEO is the best solution which should be a YES YES!! (No doubt, SMO complements the SEO). SEO is one solution which gets a website on top ranks in SERP (search engine ranking page).

Here are 5 reasons why Business Management Schools and Colleges should opt for SEO:

  1. Cost effective – SEO is the most cost effective way as compared to other offline marketing mediums. Also you don’t pay for every irrelevant or fake clicks made on your website links as it is an organic way to boost the website with long term benefits.
  2. Reach wide audiences – Colleges can reach a wider audience with the help of SEO as people of all ages have access to internet and prefer to search online. You can reach beyond geographical boundaries or in fact to a specific country without any additional cost.
  3. Genuine user base – You can measure who is visiting the website. You can analyze the demographics data like age group, location, device, platform etc. All such data helps you narrow down your online marketing efforts and you get the control over your audience. It is unlike those marketing ways where you can’t measure your audience and their demographics.
  4. Trusted Source – The frequent and strategic SEO activities puts you on top of SERPs which further helps you to gain trust of online visitors and search engines as well. However it is important that the website must have quality infomedia (information + media) whether text, images or videos and user friendly design. If you have the trust of users and good content on the website then be ready to handle the query mails in your inbox.
  5. Time saving – This is definitely the most important aspect of such campaigns. As they say ‘Time is money’. This is indeed proved right in case of SEO campaigns. Schools or colleges can focus on their core activities while the SEO is being handled by the experts to get their websites positioned on top of search engines.
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Top 4 highlights at Mobile World Congress 2014 (MWC’14)


Mobile world congress began a few hours ago. This 4 days long event is being held in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain to showcase the latest devices and innovations in mobile technology. Mobile giants like Sony, Samsung, LG and Nokia are expected to reveal their new products and share innovative tech ideas. Some mobile companies already made some announcements. Here are a few:

Nokia X – Just after the opening announcement, Nokia’s CEO started to introduce its latest mobile phones which are designed especially for new markets. Nokia rolled out its new phones targeted to low budget users segment. Nokia Asha 230a and Nokia 220 are two new additions to its range. As claimed by Nokia, Asha 230a is the most affordable Asha phone ever. Whereas, Nokia 220 is an addition to its low priced devices which is enabled with features like 2G internet. In addition to that Nokia X and Nokia X+ first android phones from Nokia were also revealed at the show.

Samsung Gear 2 – Updates to Samsung Gear 2 was also announced by Samsung. The new Gear 2 is expected to work with other devices along with Samsung tablets and Smart phones as well. It will also let you change channels on your TV as it features an infra-red remote control. The South Korean tech giant expects to release this new version in April’14.

Sony Xperia Z2 – Sony mobile lovers in UK and Europe will be able to get their hands on the new Sony Xperia Z2 in March. This was officially announced at MWC’14 by Sony. This new Z2 has 5.2 full HD display and it runs on Android KitKat. Another surprise from them was Xperia M2 which is waterproof and an affordable android.

Lenovo S660 – A new series of mobile phones was launched by Lenovo as well. Their so called ‘S’ series includes 3 models S660, S850 and S860. Lenovo S860 is designed to target the business users with a backup of 24hours over 3G. Lenovo declared it has standby time of 40 days. S850 is for fashion conscious users and it is available in white and pink colours. With a 13MP rear and 5MP front camera this is going to be huge hit among people who love to shoot pictures. Lenovo S660, a budget 4.7 inch smartphone for people with multitasking needs. Its long battery life will help people stay connected for longer durations. All three phones are available with dual SIM feature.

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Was Google’s “Top Heavy 3” really heavy?

Google launched its ‘Top Heavy’ program for the first time in January 2012. Some modifications took place in its algorithm to avert sites that were loaded with “top heavy” ads. These ads were well ranked in its listings. Since then ‘Top Heavy’ gets periodic updates. Whenever a fresh Top Heavy Update occurs, sites that have already removed excessive ads are believed to regain their lost rankings. The sites which are considered “top heavy” may get caught and removed from the listings.

Search Infomedia

A few weeks ago the latest buzz was about “Top Heavy 3” and everyone was anxiously waiting for updates from Google about their latest strategy on listing. This was hugely going to impact the businesses around the globe as these completely depend on google web search.After the last two top heavy releases, which are also popularly known as Panda and Penguin updates, google was working hard to improve on improve its search algorithm.

As the new update was released on 6th Feb only, it is too soon to say whether the hard work of Google has really paid off. Although, it was implemented a few days ago, its launch was confirmed in the first week of Feb’14. People and businesses who earn their livelihood on search engine optimization were largely worried about this change in Google’s algorithm.

Google has not yet released any numbers or data to show the impact of this new update. However, as per some top SEO gurus there are some points to keep in mind to make this new change valuable for your business or brand. In order to be safe make sure the ratio of your ad to organic search should be equal or perhaps under what we see in Google’s search.

Is Google once again trying to be fair for the businesses or brands that have used ethical means of search engine optimization or no optimization at all? With Penguin 2.0 release some companies had been benefited with big boost in their rankings. Will this also mean more space reserved for the ethical advertisers as well? Let’s wait and watch what Google has in store for us this time!

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Responsive web designs – the need of the hour for global businesses

Internet is an amazing phenomenon which has changed the way we interact. Everyday approximately 1500 domains are registered worldwide and a huge number of website pages are added to the massive database of World Wide Web. Any given business is considered trustworthy if they are present on internet. People tend to buy more from a website than going to a nearby local market. Online presence of a business is a big concern in today’s digital world.


Businesses have started to understand the importance of their online presence and working hard to expand it. Innovations in mobile technology have also impacted the way people buy, sell, learn and take buying decisions. Internet access is no longer limited to a computer as a large number of mobile devices are also equipped with it. Almost all the businesses around the globe have adopted the latest trends in internet technology. Websites are being designed with keeping responsive web designing in mind.

Responsive Web Design or RWD is a web design approach to reach maximum viewers on every mobile device and computer as well. The website should be designed and optimized for easy viewing, scrolling and resizing on any device. The content and images should be accessible in a readable manner. Here are a few primary reasons why a business or brand should consider responsive web designing.

– Website designed with RWD method can be opened in a wide range of different screens and devices.
– Such websites get better search engine optimization and search results on all the devices.
– Better search results mean better prospects and potential to grow at a faster rate.
– Responsive website works on all the platforms, e.g. Windows, Blackberry, iOS and Android.

For a website designer these pointers may come in handy to help design such a site:
– One design approach/style – If you want to keep one design for all your sites and plan to keep it like that then design using non-flash contents. Flash only makes your content heavy and sluggish.
– Size of Width – Keep your design no longer than 980 pixels in width. Most of the internet browsers will resize your website as per the screen, however, it is recommended to choose the width between 960 to 980 pixels for optimized viewing.
– Bottom area – A typical 800×600 pixels website may leave a lot of space on a mobile device at the bottom. To fill the bottom area of all the browsers on all the devices, consider extending the pages’ height to more than 600 pixels.

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Choosing an appropriate Domain Name for a Website

Every website needs a domain name, and it is a brainstorming session when it comes to choosing the right domain name for a website. There are different opinions from different people while choosing the right domain name. There are certain areas which people generally consider before choosing the right domain name.

Some people consider choosing a domain name that is catchy and generic, which helps people to remember it and whatever is easily remembered, will be more likely to be tried out. For example, a business owner who deals in selling of gowns, they may go for a domain name such as gowns.com which is a generic domain name. Such domain name directly gives the idea of what they may find on the website.

From the SEO point of view, people prefer a domain name that contains a particular keyword that describes the industry. For example, if a person is into the sale of spare parts of the cars, they may choose a domain name such as carspareparts.com. This helps in improving the visibility of a particular website on the search engines as it has a keyword that pushes the websites in the search engines rank pages.


For the people who are more concerned about the brands, they would like to choose a domain name that that matches with their brand. People who are searching for some products or items, they have certain brand names in mind and enter the domain accordingly. Therefore, it is important to choose a domain name matches with the brand.

Choosing a domain name is a creative process that involves proper solutions for some specific issues. Domain name selection should be done in a better strategic manner that will selecting the best domain name for a business. 

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Future of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging was one of the SEO tactics that were used and were considered as a badge of honor for the ones writing the guest posts. As the quality declined, the poor quality content through guest blogging increased.


In 2014, it is not recommended to go for guest blogging as a way to gain links due to the decline in the quality of the content and considered to be as a spammy practice. Earlier, guest blogging was considered to be a respectable thing but due to the wrong practice being followed to attain the links, the guest blogging has no relevance now from SEO and Google’s point of view.

Due to the low quality guest blogging, it has been hurting the uneducated website owners, as they are the ones who could not identify the spammers who are offering guest blog posts and are unaware of the negative effects of those spam blog posts on their sites. And due to this, now such websites with spam guest blog posts are getting penalized.

However, there is still a scope for gust blogging, it’s just that the site owner should understand and identify the quality of the content offered by the guest blogger as there is still the existence of high quality guest bloggers.

One can invite high quality guest blog post, which can be used as a tactic for driving the traffic. Though, it will not work from SEO or Google perspective.

Read more about this topic at Matt Cutts Blog

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How SEO services can be effective for Small Business


Every small business owner wants to take their business to a level higher. In the present time, where internet has become a need for everyone and the number of internet users are increasing day by day rapidly. For this reason, the presence of the small business over the internet is equally important to reach the maximum audiences.

Firstly, a small business should have website with an attractive web design, secondly, establishing the presence on various social media platforms to reach the relevant audience, third and the most important is SEO services for the website to create a strong online presence.

SEO service is the best cost effective medium of advertisement, by which a small business owner can easily advertise on various search engines. Though a decent amount has to be invested and will take time too, and that is why, patience is important. Once receiving the positive results, the business can reap many opportunities and recover the investment.

SEO service helps in the improvement of online reputation of the business. Once the website of the business starts appearing on the search engine ranking pages with a good ranking, the business is involved into various different conversations.

It becomes easy to establish a brand identity in the local markets as well as the new markets. The business reaches the new markets. This in turn help the business increase the sales as well as expansion of the business.

People trust the search engines for providing relevant and refined results. When the website of the small business starts appearing on the search engines, it encourages people to build trust.  You could be just about anyone, so you need to take every opportunity to prove how trustworthy you are.

In today’s internet world, no matter what is the size of the business, big or small, it is necessary to have a strong online presence. By establishment of a strong online presence, it becomes easy for the users to identify a business, build trust over it and inviting audiences to explore the products and services offered.

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