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Google Helpouts: A new way to get help over video

Nothing can be as bad as looking for help that troubles you, or make you anxious  and even leaves your plan imperfect.The problem arises when no perfect solution is found. A perfect guide is really important to get help and

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How Content Marketing benefits Small Business

No matter what, whether a small business or the giant one, they are often going to come across the same type of issues and achieving the overall goals of an organization. Content still has identical meaning and rationale, and you

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Will Google Adwords take over Organic SEO?

For a business, it is really necessary to drive traffic to the website, but the challenge arises while choosing effective strategy, whether to go  for Paid Ads or Organic SEO. It is a known fact that both promotion methods have

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Google Carousel and its impact on Travel Industry

Recently, Google has come up with Google Carousel, a row of images that appears with a dark background at the top of the SERP primarily containing 20 results of travel, hospitality, and restaurant queries. Google is also expanding by showing

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